LifePatch project

About Us

Our goal is to make sea safer for everyone. Our dedicated team is working on solution to make IoT smart device that calls help with single button click and helps sea-rescue teams find people times faster. When exact location is known rescue time can be reduced 3-4x. We also provide our devices with visible blinking led-light (to help rescue reach faster in dark). We use latest available IoT/mobile networks and GPS satellites technology to get most available distances. Our devices have 0 energy consumption until activated (no need for charge).


Our Story

LifePatch is a sticker that is attached to a life jacket or other clothing item that comes with the person. The mission of LifePatch is to transmit the coordinates of a person who is in water and in an emergency in order to direct the rescue to the right place as quickly as possible and increase the likelihood of rescue.

LifePatch Prototron winner

Prototron gathered 290 smart ideas in 2020 spring round. LifePatch was among 58 teams selected to the program. LifePatch was one of the winners of Prototron, claiming 10 000€ price money and other bonuses. Prototron 2020 spring reward video.

Key facts


Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide (WHO)
Number of annual drowning deaths worldwide (WHO report 2018)
Number of official sea and inland water related rescue missions Estonia (2018)
28 %
Current average rate of saving people life when serious accident on water